Migration Guides

How to migrate from Axios module

This guide will help you to migrate from Axios Module.

The nuxt-community axios module is still supported and maintained. The HTTP module uses newer web technologies like fetch which might be beneficial


  • There is no scope for setHeader, setToken
    When calling these methods they apply to the global scope and are used for all future requests
  • The axios hooks onRequestError and onResponseError are unified
    Use the onError hook instead
  • The http module does not have a debug option like the axios module
    You can setup a basic logger using the onRequest hook
  • Progress bar integration is not supported (for the moment)
    This option may be added again once PR #105 : progress bar is merged

Response body parsing

Axios automatically transforms response bodies to JSON, if you wish to keep that behaviour you will

  • either need to switch to using the $ prefixed methods
-- const resJson = await this.$axios.get('/url')++ const resJson = await this.$http.$get('/url')
  • or explicitly call json on the Response:
-- const resJson = await this.$axios.get('/url')++ const resJson = await this.$http.get('/url').json()

If you are already using $ prefixed shortcuts for making requests that return JSON, you can keep using them.

-- const resJson = await this.$axios.$get('/url')++ const resJson = await this.$http.$get('/url')